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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glass Bottle Scarf

This reversible scarf was designed with cold weather in mind. The pattern stitch is incredibly easy, so the knitting can get tedious, but is suitable for beginners. The lacy eyelets give the scarf some texture while trapping in warmth; they remind me of bubbles trapped in glass.

Craft: knitting
Skill Level: Rookie-Apprentice-Virtuoso-Genius
Skills: knit, purl, YO, P2tog

Sizes: XXXL (or half size)
Finished Measurements: 8" wide x 110" long for full size lying flat (including tassels)

Gauge: not important, 24 sts and 22 rows = 4" on 5.5 mm in patt (14 sts = 4" on 6 mm as given on ball band)
Yarn: approx. 375g, 716 yds (655 m) bulky weight yarn
Suggested Brand: 1.5 skeins Cascade Eco+ shown in 8462

Needles/Hooks: 5.5 mm straight needles
Other Materials: tapestry needle or teeny crochet hook

Notes and Tips:
> Make your YOs by wrapping the yarn over the top of the right needle towards the back and bringing it to the front between the needles, P the next st as per normal.
> For amazing tassel making instructions, check out my "Seaflower Scarf", another free and super easy scarf pattern.


CO 48 sts, or a multiple of 4 sts (24 sts for half size).

Row 1: K2, P2 to end.
Row 2: *K2, P1, YO, P1*, rep from * to * to end.
Row 3: K3, P2.
Row 4: K2, P2tog, P1.

Repeat rows 2- 4 until scarf is desired length.
BO loosely.

Cheat Sheet:

    * If you see P2, K2, facing you on the needles   
      (last row worked), work Row 2
    * If you see K1, YO, K1, P2, work Row 3
    * If you see K2, P3, work Row 4