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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Felted Ornaments

Can also be used as coasters!

Click here for a link to the VIDEO

Time: approx 30-60 mins

Makes approx 2


  • 4-5 grams of roving in a natural fibre like merino wool in a variety of colours; make sure you do not use a superwash fibre; fibre should be prepped in short, fluffy wisps
  • string or sparkle yarn - used for a loop for hanging and for optional blanket stitch around the edge
  • bowl of hot water; as hot as possible (don't burn yourself!)
  • generous serving of dish soap - add to the hot water and mix gently (natural dish soap won't work as well, unfortunately)
  • running cold water
  • sharp needle for attaching loop (and working blanket stitch)
  • scissors for trimming the shape
  • (optional) sparkle / stellina / angel hair - small amount
  • (optional) felting needle for adding details
  • (optional) beads or other embellishments


Read through all instructions before beginning.

Step 1 Fluff up your bits of roving and start pulling "bits" off. The goal is to have lots of fluffy, wispy short pieces.

Layer them as shown in the photos - first lying horizontally and then vertically and then start building up thin layers. Flip the pile over carefully and continue adding bits of fluff willy nilly. You will want about 8-10 layers with no bald or thin spots. More layers will create a thicker piece of felt, but it will also take longer.

If you have any wisps sticking out, you can tuck them around the edge. If you wish to add some sparkle, add a small amount in a few places, but be sure not to have it on the surface - the sparkle itself will not felt, so you will need at least a bit of wool on top to "lock" it in.

You can try to create a loose shape as you build your layers, but you can also create your piece of irregular felt and use the scissors to cut out your shape later.

Your pile should be 30-40% larger than the final desired size. The size will shrink down as the roving felts (but it will reach a point where it will no longer shrink).

Step 2 Once you have your little pile, use your fingertips to dribble a small amount of hot, soapy water over the wool. It should NOT be sopping wet. Just a few drips to start is fine.
Flip the pile over carefully and dribble more on the other side. You are now ready to felt!

Step 3 Start working the fibres with your fingertips. Be very gentle at first and try not to disturb your fluffy bits too much. Make sure you do not get any sections that fold over - they will not "velcro" together later. This stage is crucial to the final object. You will not be able to alter it much after this point except in size. Go slow until you get the hang of it.

Step 4 Once the felted piece becomes more firm, you can start to be more aggressive with your friction. Try different techniques and keep working your foamy pancake for about five minutes. It should be quite soapy and foamy.

Step 5 Run your piece under cold water until the soap is mostly gone. The cold water will help "shock" the scales on the fibre which will help it felt and velcro together.

Step 6 Dip the piece in the hot, soapy water and repeat steps 3-5. Rinse with cold water until it's free of soap. Allow it to dry completely. Use your scissors to trim the edges or leave it irregular; you can also cut out a specific shape.

Step 7 Add your embellishments! Add a loop to the edge, work a blanket stitch around the edge (click for link to video help). You can also add beads or other trimmings with your felting needle.