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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sea Monkey Baby Hat

This hat is a favourite baby gift and knits up really quickly (for those last-minute gifts). Cotton is nice and soft for babies, plus the little ears are just so darn adorable. 
The pattern features three different sizes and three brim styles. It is constructed from the bottom up on circular needles.

Skill Level: Rookie-Apprentice-Virtuoso-Genius
Skills: knit, purl, grafting/Kitchener stitch (optional)

Sizes: newborn; 0-6 mos; 6-12 mos
Gauge: 18 sts and 28 rows per 4" on 5 mm in st st (20 sts = 4" on
4.5 mm as given on ball band)

Yarn: 50 g, 90 yds (82 m) worsted weight cotton (dishcloth cotton is perfect!)
Suggested Brand: 1 ball Sugar n’ Cream cotton

Needles: 5 mm 16" circular; 5 mm dpns (for grafting - optional) or size needed to obtain gauge

Other Materials: tapestry needle or teeny crochet hook; 1 stitch marker


CO 52 (60, 68) sts, join in the round being careful not to twist sts. Pm for beg of rnd.
Work either Brim 1, 2, or 3.

Brim 1: (roll) Knit in St st for 6 rows.
Brim 2: (rib) K2, P2, repeat to end of row; repeat this row 3 times more.
Brim 3: (garter, shown in blue) Knit 1 row, purl one row; repeat these two rows two times more.

All styles:
Change to St st and knit until hat measures 5-5.5-6" from CO (if you are making the roll brim style, measure from the bottom of the roll and not the CO edge). It may seem tall for a baby hat, but it will shorten after you make the ears.

Finishing: You can either BO all your sts and then sew up the top with a darning needle, or graft (kitchener st) your sts together. Do not cut yarn.

Ears: Once the top is closed up, insert your needle from the inside about 1.5 inches from the top corner and pull through. Wrap the yarn tightly around the corner a few times; fluff out the ear and give it a few tugs until it is the shape you desire, then tie off and weave in the ends. For the second ear, cut a length of yarn and attach it 1.5" from the top corner and repeat the rest of the instructions.

Notes and Tips:

• After tying off the ears, use your needle or crochet hook to pull the ends into the ear itself and then trim; this way you don't need to worry about weaving inthe ends, but make sure your knots are secure.
• If you choose to graft the top together, be sure to change to dpns first.