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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy As Pie Crochet Hat Recipe
Main Entry: easy as pie
Synonyms: duck soup, easily done, easily managed, easy as can be, like falling off a log, like shooting fish in a barrel, like stealing candy from a baby, no sweat, simple as ABC.

Use this recipe to make an easy crocheted hat in any size (literally).

What you need:
  • Approx. 100 g, 220 yds (201 m) of almost any yarn. You might need more if you are using a very bulky yarn.
  • Hook to suit yarn – check your label or make a gauge swatch and see how you like the fabric (you don't want it too dense or stiff, but not too loose or else it's not very warm)
Mmmmm, pie.


Chain enough sts to fit around your head (or the recipient’s head). 
Now you get to count all those little guys!  
Your chs should be a multiple of 6 + 1. 

Make sure the string doesn’t fit too tightly – you should be able to comfortably fit a finger or two between your head and the string. This takes a little bit of intuition since wool has a little bit of ease whereas some fibres, like cotton, have no stretch or give.

Using a slip st, join your string in the rnd. Try not to twist your chs. 
Work a sc in every st around. 
Note: I usually like to insert my hook through both loops, depending on the project, but you should do what feels right for you.

Keep working in a spiral (just keep single crocheting, see Note below) until your hat measures approx. 4” for a baby, 4.5” for a child and 5” for an adult. (Use your judgement and instincts to find the right size – if you try your hat on, it should look like an oversized headband with the crown of your head just peeking out.)

Note: Usually, to work a crochet rnd, you would ch1 at the beg of each rnd and then sl st into that ch when you come back to the beginning to keep everything straight. Some people find this easier so that they can keep track of their rows - for a hat like this, though, I like to keep it simple. However you prefer to do it, just make sure you aren't skipping chs and gradually making your hat smaller.

Use a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beg of the rnd. Slip it as you go.
Rnd 1: *work 5 scs, sk one st*, rep from * to * to end of rnd.
Rnd 2 (and all even rnds): work sc in each st around.
Rnd 3: *work 4 scs, sk one st*, rep from * to * to end of rnd.
Rnd 5: *work 3 scs, sk one st*, rep from * to * to end of rnd.
Rnd 7: *work 2 scs, sk one st*, rep from * to * to end of rnd.
Rnd 9: *work 1 scs, sk one st*, rep from * to * to end of rnd.

Rep Rnd 9 until you run out of sts. If it looks like your hat is getting too pointy at the top, omit the even numbered rnds from the last few inches of the hat.
Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Get Creative:
  • Add earflaps
  • Tassels (twisted or braided)
  •  Add a little brim
  • Trim (hold yarn double stranded and single crochet around the bottom)
  • Pom Poms!
  • Hold two strands together for entire hat (see photo, bulky weight wool with a variegated fingering weight)
  • Make patterns, designs or stripes by combining scs and dcs
  • Slouchy (make the body of you hat longer before you begin the decs)  

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