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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Viking Scarf

This scarf is stretchy and cozy, super easy yet effective. The instructions are written to accommodate most yarn weights, giving you a lot of freedom to choose any yarn you like. It is constructed of a simple “mistake rib” with a crocheted scallop trim.

knitting and crochet
Skill Level: Rookie-Apprentice-Virtuoso-Genius
Skills: knit, purl, ch, sc, dc

Finished Measurements: dependent on yarn

Gauge: not too important, make a gauge swatch before casting on
Yarn: (200g) of Main Colour, (50-100g of Trim)
Note: sorry, but amount and yardage is dependent on the weight of yarn you choose. Ask for help at your local yarn shop.
Recommended Brand: your choice; I used a worsted weight wool for the example, and a sport weight merino for the trim; you can mix and match yarn types and weights, but choose a medium weight yarn (avoid lace weight, fingering weight or anything too chunky)

Needles/Hooks: match to your yarn according to the label; shown knitted with a worsted weight on 8 mm
Other Materials: tapestry needle or teeny crochet hook


CO 36 sts, or an even number.
Note: You may want to adjust the number of CO sts depending on the kind of yarn you choose and how big you want your scarf to be; I recommend making a gauge swatch in the rib patt before you CO. Check my “River Rock” pattern for more details on substituting yarns.

Also, decide whether you like the size of needles you are using; for a squishier scarf you might want to use a larger size than what the ball band calls for.

Rnd 1: *K2, P2*, rep from * to * to end.
Rnd 2: K1, *P2, K2*, rep from * to * to last 3 sts, end P2, K1.

Repeat these two rnds for rib patt until scarf is desired length, or until you run out of yarn. BO fairly loosely.

Crocheted Scallop Trim:

Choose your hook to match the yarn you are using (not to the knitting needles you used, unless it is the same weight of yarn).

Attach the yarn at the corner of one end of your scarf. Insert hook through the first st at the side and pull yarn through. (1 loop on hook). You will be working along the long side.

Set-Up: Ch 2. Work 2 dcs in same (first) st (half scallop).
Next: *ch 1, sk X sts, sc, ch 1, sk X sts,  work 5 dcs (scallop)*, rep from * to * to end of scarf.
Read following instructions for more details.

Now what is this “X” business, you might ask? Where do I stick those 5 dcs? That is the trick to this scarf.
Since you may be using two different weights of yarn, we can’t follow specific instructions on where to insert the scallops (5 dcs) and the scs along the side of your scarf. You may have to try a few scallops and rip it back if it isn’t sitting right.

Try to imagine how wide your scallop will be (or just try a few), and then make the sc after skipping half that amount of space. Confused? It’s easier than it sounds, just give it a try.
You will want the line of scallops to sit flat and even along the side of your scarf. Or if you like it to be frilly, then more power to you! 

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

For free instructions on making fantastic tassels, check out my “Seaflower Scarf”, another easy peasy (and free!) scarf pattern with thorough instructions for beginners.