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Monday, September 19, 2011

Colour Therapy

What does your favourite colour say about you?
Have you ever used a variegated yarn and felt a little agitated while knitting with say, the dull pink sections over the vibrant purples? Sometimes having some discord in your colourway can be a good thing to perk you up or keep your attention, but, amazingly, we are drawn to certain colours at different times depending on the needs of our body. You may find that when you are ill, you will crave certain colours for healing without even being aware of it.
The practice of healing with colour goes back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Colour therapy was used by sage physicians for healing, but interest these days is more psychological-focused. Colours influence our feelings and emotions, which, in turn, affect the health of our minds and bodies.
The power of colour is intuitive and personal – it is not an absolute. There are many factors at play when you are absorbing colour (which is all the time): light, mood, age, health, climate, season and memory. The good news is that colour can be used for healing in the form of food, environment, light and, of course, yarn.
Consider your mood and state of health the next time you choose your yarn colour. Make sure it is a colour that inspires positive feelings and arouses happy memories, even if it is a gift for someone else. Odds are, you are going to be looking at that colour for weeks until your project is complete! 

Bohoyarns "Dexter"

Strength and courage, vitality and passion, confidence building, grounding, survival, stability, excitement, fertility
Use for: Stimulating circulation, infertility and shyness.

Bohoyarns "Archie Andrews"

Creative energy, revitalizing, feeds your inner child, joy, sex drive, purpose, experimentation, purpose, friendship.
Use for: Treating grief and ennui.

Bohoyarns "Wheels on the Bus"

Mental focus, balances Ego, confidence, clarity, spirituality.
Use for: Digestive complaints, menstrual and hormonal issues, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety.

Bohoyarns "Shrubbery"

Nurturing, love and relationships, balance and harmony, anchoring, prosperity, tolerance, development.
Use for: Memory and releasing past traumas, balance in relationships, claustrophobia, envy and nausea.

Bohoyarns "Travolta's Pants"

Truth, communication and self-expression, tranquility, loyalty, peace.
Use for: Inflammation, emotional turmoil, coughs and sore throats, fever, agitation and terminal illnesses.

Bohoyarns "Doubting Thomas"

Calming, stimulates clairvoyance, understanding and perception, inspires order and structure.
Use for: Lowering blood pressure, combating infections, sinus and chest disorders.

Bohoyarns "Hendrix"

Cleansing and detoxifying, restores perspective and intuition, boosts creativity, lifts spirits.
Use for: Headaches, strengthening the immune system and calming hyperactivity.

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