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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 Greetings Knitters!

I have decided to start writing in earnest about yarn, knitting, patterns, crochet and maybe some randomness, too. I will still continue to post free, easy, boho-geek-chic patterns.

As usual, please check Ravelry (user: bohoknits) for new patterns and updated versions. There are also some awesome patterns available for sale.

You can also visit my Etsy shop ( to buy actual woolly bohoknits and guess what?! Everything is going to be marked down! I'm no longer going to carry knits once these sell off so I can focus on designing. I will still be available for custom work.

There are lots of new things happening with bohoknits. Complete pattern overhaul! I don't want to give it all away, but there are lots of new patterns coming and I have been working hard to get everyone's feedback incorporated. I always welcome criticism, but I encourage you to be nice about it. Why? Partly because designing is something that I do in my spare time (yeah, right) and it's always an ongoing process. But also because knitting is supposed to be fun! Even when we make mistakes and when the gauge doesn't work out. Try and keep a :o) on your face.

Ho K. Now that all the plugs are out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about myself so you know where these designs are coming from.

I have been knitting for over 20 years and crocheting for about 10. As far as I can remember, I've always been a bit of a snot about "doing it myself", so naturally, I like to figure things out on my own which is helpful when designing. I tend to be scattered with my process, often surrounded by half-finished projects, notebooks and patterns, oodles of yarn and tangled needles; but I am very particular about my FOs - that's when my anal retentiveness kicks in.

My knitting is undoubtedly influenced by nature. I'm very lucky to live in a place that is surrounded by more nature than you can, ahem, shake a stick at. There is a roiling river less than a block from my house, lots of streams (above) and there are dramatic mountains all around my little town. This is great inspiration for a designer. Not to mention, it's cold in the mountains. Very cold. All the time. Generally, I'm a sunshine girl and I can't get enough. But what is a better location for a knitter than someplace where I can wear knits all year round? I'm also lucky to be surrounded by wonderfully creative people and artisans.

Before I made my way to the mountains, I earned an Art History and Philosophy degree on the east coast, another very inspiring place. Other obsessions of mine include gardening (when mountain weather allows), tea drinking, reading, treasure hunting, and hanging with my dog, cat, rabbit and man. When I'm not designing or knitting, I'm working in a yarn shop where I write and occasionally teach classes. You might also find me giving advice about alternative medicine at our local health food store.

Now that the biography is out of the way, I can post about more interesting (knitterly) things in the future. Happy knitting!